2.5yrs ans still going??any suggestions
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princess - March 19

been trying 2and half yrs, hubby and i have been diagnosed unexplained infertility, cant find anything wrong? any ideas? heard of any things to try? Once he had a test said he had below average sperm count but it was ok 2 tests later??? so thats seems to be ok now?


michelle - March 19

I don't know if you have tried it but I just heard about the sperm meets egg plan. It is on the website pregnancyloss.info if you are interested. Go to trying again and the link will be at the top of the page. I just had a m/c and I am planning on starting this in a couple of days.


to princess - March 20

Have you had a postcoital test? Have you tried IUI following HCG shot? or even Clomid? Just wondering!!!!! These may be answers...


bump - March 22




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