25 days past ovulation & still no positive??!!
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Katy - April 5

I'm now going on cycle# 5 of TTC. I haven't had my period since 2-24-05 I tested 2x last week- still no positive I now 26 days past ovulation, I'm O'ing this week again, & still trying to get preg. Have I waited to long to test? or should I wait till I'm done O'ing & test again next week? I'm so confused on what to do now.


Heather - April 5

Have you had your period yet?! If you haven't and you're 25 dpo than you need to call your dr and get some provera or something to bring on a period before you can O again. How do you know you actually O'd?? Are you taking opk's or charting your temp?


Katy - April 5

No period since 2-24. I have been charting & using OPK for 4 months
What is provera? Is it like Clomid?


katy - April 6

okay took 2 O tests this week, still neg. hmmm. starting to really wonder when I O, may come late since I haven't had my AF in 41 days, took 2 preg tests last week & still neg. I wonder what's up with my body? I always have 26-29day cycle. To be 2 weeks late is very odd for me, been off BCP for like 5 months now. What the heck??


Katy - April 8

Day # 43 since last period- took preg this still no positive, anyone have idea why? Very odd been off the pill for almost 5 months- period constantly regular until it decided not to show up anymore...........


to Katy - April 9

GO TO THE MD!!!! you can't ovulate until you have your period, and if you have'nt had your period there is a medical reason why, either you are pregnant or something hormonally is out of whack! Good luck!


To Katy - April 9

My hormones went out of wack 5 months after I went off BCP. I stopped ovulating and had to take Clomid to start it back up. I had always had regular cycles too. Go to the doctor. Good luck.


Heather - April 9

Katy - When I got off bcp I had a couple of regular cycles... Then... it was all messed up. I went off bcp in August 03... I got pregnant in January 05. I only had MAYBE 8 periods from 8/03 to 1/05. I had to start taking provera to kick start my periods in November 05. Provera is progesterone and forces your period to come. On average you are prescribed 10 pills (1-a day). Most women start their period about 1-2 days after taking the 10th pil. I went 4 months last year with no period and started af on the 7th day of provera. Was a HORRIBLE period because I waited so long! Call your dr and get a prescription for provera. Good luck and keep me posted!


Katy - April 14

Okay So now I'm on Provera day #2 took blood test for prolactin & after AF shows up after I'm done with the Provera pills, going on Clomid to bring on the eggs. Luckily for me I realized after 2 months of more Af & ovulation- there was probably a problem. Thanks all for helping me get my butt to the Dr right away!! *** Baby Dust to u all****


Heather - April 15

Katy - Good luck to you!! I just finished up with the provera and am to take the clomid on Sunday thru Thursday (cd5-9). I'll be think'n of ya... Btw... My period did start the day after my last pill. So like day 11 I guess it is... If you've gone a long time with no period than you may start before your pills are done. My dr said if you have a couple days more pills and af starts to finish the prescription because it is the pills that brought it on. GOOD LUCK!!!



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