24 and trying for 6 months he is 21
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Kitty - July 9

Me, 24 and my husband, 21 have been trying for 6 months. Our parents especially our mothers are really starting to harp on us to have children ( only after we asked their advice). It is really starting to get frustrating. We have done count to 12 days past your first day of ovulation. Didn't work. We even went ahead and did the whole week around that time plus some. He is starting to think it is his fault i'm starting to think it is mine. I had an abortion about 2 years back, and i haven't taken birth control for about a year. He thinks it might be him cause there was many times before the girl he was with should have been pregnant and none have ever. I have a period about every 4 weeks instead of 3. So if i have a period on the 7-10 of actual bleeding of this month i will next month give or take a day. We have both been somewhat stressed this past month with moving in a new home and getting married. However like i said we have been trying for well actually over 6 months now....Since december we have been trying. Help!


~kat~ - July 9

ive been ttc since dec too,its frustrating i know...but it can actually take a while,my sister has just concieved after a year of trying and she'd almost given up all hope,we have to just keep trying,it will happen to us eventually :o)


merlee - July 9

FertilityFriend.com is a great site for info and charting. The more you know, the more you know.



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