1st time on Clomid anyone?? Let's be cycle buddies!
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Tiffany - December 5

Hi my name is Tiffany and I was wondering if anyone was starting Clomid for the first time soon.
I have 2 daughters ages 4 and 11 and I have had unexplained-secondary infertility.
I am a little uneasy about the Clomid but, I really want to concieve again.
I am on cycle day10 of my current cycle and when I start my next cycle areound Jan 1 I will start the Clomid days 5-9. My Dr. told me to try those days because, I O on my own. He told me to take 50mg. But, I am thinking of taking 25mg.to start out with.
Anyone want to be Clomid cycle buddies?


Jamie - December 5

hello i am on my 2nd month of clomid and I am on the 5-9 50mg the first month by day 4 and 5 i was really moody on clomid and had hot flashes and seem to bleed longer on it but was fine after a day or 2 . I also did not have a period that month i had spotting 1 time and thats it called dr and took test but all neg so i was told to count that as day 1 of period and take the clomid this month and i had the hot flashes but no moodiness or bleeding so maybe this month will be the 1 but i wish you luck and if you have questions or concerns call your doc


carlon - December 5

hi.. this will be my frist time as well. ..i'm taking it tongiht with IUI, i will be taking it at dinner tongiht...


Ann - December 8

Tiffany*** I am on the 4th day of clomid for my first time ever. I am taking it on cd 4-8. I was given 100mg for those days. I have it for what my doctor things is a LPD problem. ( luteal phase) I dont know. I just know that after 2 years I got pg 1 time and it was a m/c on NOv 5th, last month. I would really like to share my observations and compare notes. I am keeping track of everything. I have a regualr 25/56 day cycl.


Auroura - December 8

Hey there , I took clomid last month cd 2-7 with no success . I am going to try again this month on cd 4-9 . I will bd every other day until pg or the next flow . Which ever comes first. I did get moody and really bed headaches ... right in the back of the head it was awful. I was taking 100 mg the first time . I will probably stick with that this time as well . We will have to see .
Here's all the Baby Dust and Dreams sprinkeled down on ya. Have a great night ladies.


carlon - December 8

Hi All.... Ann this is my frist time as well.. waht day are you on? Are you also doing IUI


Ann - December 8

** Carlon** I am on the 5th day today.. I took it days 4-8 and I feel fine. A couple of little aches - nothing really to speak of for side effects. When will I ov that is the question here? hmmm


Bran - December 8

Hello Ladies! I'm on round 3 of 50mg Clomid for a LPD. I am due to take it cycle days 5-9 starting tomorrow. Best of luck to you all!


Sara - December 9

Hi, I just took my first round of clomid on Nov 15. I took a blood test the other day and was told it is neg. I have a 2 year old and had no trouble conceiving him since I was on the pill at the time. We have been tring for a couple months and nothing. I am really sad that it did not take the first month but I figured it out I should ovulate on New Years Eve. I told my husband that would be neat he did not agree. I also O on my own. Interested in seeing what others are feeling about Clomid.


Sara - December 13

Doc had me take another test and woundn't you know it is positive. We are pregnant. First month on Clomid. Dust to all


MiaBlaze - December 24

Hi everyone! Well, my next cycle should begin Jan 8, so I'll begin my 1st cycle of clomid 100mg 5 days after, on the 13th. I'm on Metformin, too-- 1500mg a day. Anyone else on both?


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!



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