1st round of clomid this cycle - anyone else?
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dl - October 10

I was just diagnosed with PCOS, andwill be starting my first round of clomid this month. I will be getting an HSG on day 6-10 and start clomid on 5-9. Hopefully I will get pregnant this month! Anyone else in the same boat? Want to share stories?


Jen - October 10

What is PCOS and have you ever mc?


dl - October 10

PCOS = Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Lots of little immature cells not reaching maturity, which means no ovulation. It is thought to be caused by messed up hormones. No I have never gotten pregnant or miscarried. Clomid can help increase your FSH and LH hormones to help the follicles mature, and hence ovulate. What is your story?


bump - October 11




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