1st round of Clomid can anyone reccommend OPKs?
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robyn - March 26

My Re just gave me my first round of Clomid yesterday on 3/25 have to take it days 3-7 50mg. He didnt want me using my CBFM told me to get OPK sticks to start to use on CD10. Any suggestions on which sticks are the best?? And stupid question how do you know if you surge? They told me by CD 12 if I dont get a positive surge than I go in for E2 and USS on that day. Is there anything I should expect this 1st month like possible side effects?


DD - March 26

I used the first response OPK. If you really wanna know about good one's you should look into the consumer reports website. I did before and I forget which opk they said was most accurate. I took 50mg with NO side effects at all. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful but I am now seeing an RE instead of my reg. gyn...and I have pcos too. SO, Maybe I will check the consumer report for you quickly...I have an account!!! I'm a dork!!


DD - March 26

Ok, I looked for you...They have Clear Plan Easy as #1, which I believe they changed their name to Clear Blue Easy...and this was done in 2003...Also, CVS brand and Target brand got "good" ratings. Hope that helps you.


mg - March 26

What we did this month is NOT use OPKs, and just have sex every other day for 7 days following 5 days after my last pill. For us it was like even if I get a +OPK its still not going to change our behavior, so it was kinda a waste of money and just distracting. I hope it works.


SashaP - March 26

I don't like the clear blue easy myself I never got a +surge. The only one that is accurate for me is Answer brand I got a bad batch last month and got alot of false + but I haven't had a problem since. I also do BBT and a progestrone test and that always confirms it for me.


robyn - March 27

hey guys, thanks I always used the CBFM and with PCOS its always difficult to know when you are ovulating, With the sticks does it tell you when you have a surge???


SashaP - March 27

I'm suprised the dr told you to use opk's if you have pcos. I've heard they aren't reliable for people with pcos. They do detect a surge. But if I remember right I think people with pcos get false + with OPK's. Do you do BBT at all? The box will show you what the result is supposed to look like when you surge. I usually do 2 OPK's a day when I'm testing. 1 mid morning and 1 at night so I know I will catch my surge. Don't use first morning urine it's not accurate. peeonastick.com is a good site to go to about OPK's and HPT's. It's given me alot of good info. I hope this helps good luck.



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