1st round of clomid and no ovulation--what now?
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KellyA - May 24

I just found out that I did not ovulate on my first round of clomid of 50mg. My progesterone was 5.7 @cd21. That seems extremely low to me. My doc will call soon, I guess. Does this mean I will probably go up to 100mg or will I go another round of 50mg? Thanks!


Melissa - May 24

Hi KellyA. My doc said if I didn't o on 50 mg of clomid she would move me up to the 100 mg. Sometimes the 50 just doesn't work for some people. In regards to your progesterone I believe it's supposed to be up around 14 or so, so 5.7 is low. Maybe you should also ask about adding progesterone (what his thoughts are). Good luck.


KellyA - May 25

Melissa, thanks for answering my question. What would the progesterone do? I already had to take provera to bring af on. Is that taking progesterone?


Melissa - May 25

Hi Kelly. Well, progesterone really does nothing if you do not o. But, if you do o it helps sustain the pg an give the egg adequate amount of tissue to implant into. If your level is too low you could not conceive even if you do o. So, it's worth the ask. Sometimes I know it is helped with the clomid. I'm not sure if provera is progesterone. It may be. ???



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