1st round of clomid AF due today!
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mini01 - February 25

hello ladies i'm new to this site have read loads of your messages and found great comfort in them so thanks for that. have been TTC for 16mths had all tests my partner to and all seems ok, GYN started me on clomid 100mg CD2 -6. didnt really have any side affects bit hot now and again but nothing really! AF is due today have had pains for few days now also sore boobs did HPT last night but was negative, my temps are still high though 36.8 does this mean anything? thanks everybody baby dust to you allxx


caribangell - March 2

hi mini. I started my first round 3 wks ago my af is due on the 7th . I have been feeling cramping pains too. I used 50mg fo the first 4 dys and on day 5 100mg. it is not prescribed because my doc. wanted me to wait for at least one year which i don't. how does your pills look? my side effects were dry mouth and weight gain thats all.



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