1st round of clomid
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hello - February 24

I just started my af and have to go get my 1st round of clomid from the doctors so i will start it on day 2 being tomorrow im sorry to be thick but do i ovulate on them or after and if after how many days after xx


rose - February 24

you ovulate after i think...im not sure how many days but you should buy an ovulation predicter test to be sure...i am starting on clomid next month also, let me know how it works out for you! and good luck!!


Jen - February 24

You should ovulate around the 14th of the month. I am a little later due to the fact that I have a longer cycle, so I take my clomid day 3 to 7 and then ovulate on day 16. It does work, last month I actually ovulated 2 eggs! No baby yet, but hopefully soon. I wish you both the best of luck!


hello - February 25

thanks 4 yr info start day 2 of period until day 6 my cycles are 34 days long! xx Will keep in touch rose


tryin4baby - February 25

you o after you have taken them but your dr. should be monitoring you while on it. i was only on it for 1 month and the lining of my uterus was thinned out because of it.


Mythili - March 4

Yeah you should ovulate 14-16 days from your period date. I was on clomid from day 5 - 10 then was monitored by Ultrasound and bloodwork to see how my body was responding. THis is my first round with Clomid. Let's see if it worked...


ruby - March 10

hi, everyone. i learned so much from this panel. i was on clomid and was off for 3 days from now. just wondering, Jen, how do you know you have ovulate 2 eggs last month ? what test you have gone thro?


jb - March 10

dshe would of known from a scan in the uk we have one scan when we start taking clomid then we have to have blood tests on day 21 to see if we ovulated! The scan shows how many eggs u have if any and can tell u how big they are! learnt all this from michelle on the board xxx You ovulate about 5-7 days after yr last pill or around day 14 of yr cycle im on day 14 now and have lower pain so fingers crossed 4 me!!!! good luck xx How u feeling on clomid? Any horrible dreams and headaches yet?


ruby - March 10

yeah, talking about feeling, i have some occasional, minor 'sensation' on two sides - which were short and really don't bother much. i guess they are the movement of the ovaries, i can imagine that. thank you for your advice. this is my 1st round of clomid after my recent miscarriage. do you think it's too soon to start getting pregnant? though my dr. insisted it's perfectly safe and ok. he knew i am desperate to become a mom. good luck to you all.


jb - March 10

I also had a misscarriage in october and have been trying since then its not to soon xxxx This is my 1st round of clomid get scan next Thu to see if its done anything 4 me im giving up hope now as each month is the same!!!xx I just hope i can get a baby from clomid i feel i have no other options xx


ruby - March 10

jb. relax and everything will be fine. finger crossed; i'll pray for for you.


jb - March 10

thank you xx


Mythili - March 10

My first round on Clomid and HCG worked. I just tested positive on my home pregnancy test.



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