1st round clomid and follicle size
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sas - May 5

This is my first time on clomid. I have regular scans to monitor the follicle growth. On CD9 i had one at 14mm. I thought excellent. Then today at CD12 it is only 15mm. Is this a bad sign? I thought they grew at 1to 2 mm a day. Now I'm fed up. Anyone had experIence of this?


DB - May 6

Well, on cd14 mine were 14mm and 15mm, then by cd16 they were both 20mm...So the one grew 5mm and the other 6mm in just two days.. Are you going back for another u/s???


Ann1 - May 6

sas, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I had 3 follies that were all the same size at 14mm this month an two days later two of them had grown 1mm and the other one had grown 8mm! By iui time, at least 2 of them released. However, your RE can give you a shot of fsh to boost the growth. You might want to ask about it, especially since you only have one follie.


sas - May 7

Thanks girls. Well i am going back for a scan tomorrow and also a blood test. (i am in uk) my doc said whilst on clomid i will only be monitored with scans. The nurse phoned me to tell me that they want to do a blood test. Again i was thinking 'oh thats good because i wanted them to check my blood'. But then thought why are they checking my blood obviously something isn't right. Any ideas why i'm having a blood test on cd15? I know i read in to stuff far too much but after 18months of ttc i am becoming a little desperate. What stage of ttc are you both at? p.s i think i had other follicles but the nurse said we only concentrate on the main one so did not give me any info on the other follicles. Will ask tomorrow though. Thanks


DB - May 8

Well, I get my blood drawn pretty much every time I go to the RE....I think they are checking your estrogen, fsh and LH?? The they check progesterone after O...I hope they tell you good news.


isa - May 8

My guess is they are checking your lh (luteneizing hormone sp?) to see how close to ovulation you are (it surges higher the closer you are to it) and your estrogen. If your estrogen stops or hardly continues to raise your eggs will not grow as fast. I had that one month where my estrogen from one day to the next wasnt much of a jump so he triggered me earlier than we expected him to, before it was too late to be able to use the eggs. I'm sorry I cant really remember the reason but its something like the eggs wont be very good if you leave them to grow on their own once your estrogen stops or doesnt continue to climb or something like that. My fsh is only checked on cd3 so I don't know if they ever check that in the middle of a cycle. Like DB I too have b/w drawn every time I'm at the RE having an u/s.


sas - May 8

Well... Doc done a scan and said main follicle was no longer there so i am currently ovulating he sent us straight home to get busy! didn't need a blood test but will go back on cd22 for a blood test to check my progestrone. Also charting so hope my temp goes up tomorow. Thanks for all your responses.


sas - May 10

Well, its now cd17. On cd15 i was told my follicle was gone and i had good lining so i was currently ovulating. But my temp has not gone up yet. Can any body tell me what my body might be doing?


manyika - May 12

I had my first round of Clomid last month on cd 5 to 9. Had an u/s done on cd 11 but there was hardly any change noted. On cd 15 another scan was done and I had one big follicle and a positive LH surge. IUI was done the next day. On cd 23 a progesterone test was done and the result was 9 which confirmed that I did ovulate. On cd 30, i did a hpt but it was negative and another on cd 32 which was also negative. I still didn't have my period on cd 33 and except for my breast soreness, I don't have any other symptoms. Can I be pregnant when my hpt are negative? Or does Clomid lengthen cycles?



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