1st IUI... confused... need help... :D
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Jas112 - March 12

Hello everyone.... i hope everyone is doing well....

This is my first time going through treatment i actually didn'tk now that anything was wrong till 2nd March... i went for a normal smear test and i asked the gyni if there was any suggestions she could give me and my OH as we had been trying for 6 months..

she said that she can do the basic tests
1) scan to make sure i ovulate
2) sperm count to make sure all is ok there

we agreed as we though why not the gyni looked at the calander and thought the monday 5th would be perfect because that is when i was ovulating....

Monday came and OH did test i did scan the test came back 30mins after doing it and too our disappoinmtne my OH has a sc of 200million but only 20% motility.... she said it would be almost impossible to concieve naturally....... therefore

she looked at the calander and said this is what we are going to do we are going to wash the sperm and put them in you at the end of the week when you are ovulating and take it from there

Thursday i went in for a scan and i had two folicals one 1.5cm and the other 1.9cm she said that the 1.9 will be the one to break away... she gave me an injection and told me to come back with the washed sperm Friday afternoon

Friday my OH did his business took the the lab picked it up and for some reason the sc was only 47million which is a whole 150mill less from the monday ??????? weird don't you think?

well the motility was 35% good 40% moderate and 15%poor 10% nothing.... the IUI happend at 16.30 on Friday the 9th March which she was doing it she said we chose a perfect time as my cervix was open...

Since this morning ihave been feeling very sickly like i want to vomit.. is this normal? i am extremly constipated when normally i am fine..... Also what do you think the chances are of concieveing as this was really really unexpected i only went for my annual smear and it snow balled into this...

please help


Jas112 - March 13

please read my story and comment :(


angelkitty - March 13

Yoiu very well could be pregnant. When is your af due?


Jas112 - March 13

22nd March is 2weeks after IUI :) Positive Vibes!!!!!! I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant I am pregant ............. Hope that works ;)



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