1st 2WW since our m/c loss - anyone else waiting?
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julie2007 - April 24

hi anyone who reads this - i am in my 1st 2WW since the m/c i recently suffered. wondering if anyone else is in the 2WW with me and want to wait together?


julie2007 - April 24

i forgot to mention we tried this month - so we are hopeful, if it is meant to be.


wantanotheraftertr - April 24

Julie I am not in the 2ww but wanted to give you hope. I had a M/C on March 12 and I was feeling so bad we were allowed to try again right away since no D&C. I actually felt there was no hope my next cycle. I had a cyst with the M/C so I was not allowed to take clomid which I had taken the month before. I am currently 6 weeks now and everything is looking so good I have my first U/S on the 2nd. It can not get here soon enough. Good Luck and BFP prayers for you!


julie2007 - April 25

thanks wanting - sorry you had the cyst. but congrats on the PG! wishing you the best on the 2nd and for a healthy 9 mos!


wantanotheraftertr - April 25

Thanks Julie and good luck to you! I am praying for a bfp for you!



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