1 yr of Unsuccess...Depo...More ????s than eva!
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Ceno - June 29

I actively tried to conceived for over a year with no success. I now began the Depo Shot on the 19th of June, two days after my last period, in order to free myself of menstruals. Has anyone taken the Depo and have difficulty conceiving later? I only plan on taking this one shot to delay conception for a few months...because I want to conceive later on in this year. But will my previous problems be even more of a problem later on???


slowpoke01 - June 29

Ceno you may want to read the threads called CD4 need buddies EX DEPO SHOT USER and DEPO Shot Please read you may have to go back a couple of pages to read depot shot please read but this may help you


danesgirl - June 29

i was on depo for over 2 years straight. Got off over a year and a half ago... haven't used protection since then, still no pregnancy. Not saying its the depo, cause i do have endometriosis (thats why i was put on depo) and ovarian cysts, but you never know.. just prewarning.


NB - June 30

I was on the depo shot for approx nine months. It has now been almost 22 months since my last shot, and we have not been able to get pregnant. We have a 3 year old, and were able to get pg with him no problem, but that was with only coming off of bc. I blame the depo shot for all of my probs! I ended up with ovarian cysts on both ovaries, a high prolactin level and abnormal progesterone levels. It took 10 months for me to start getting my period, and then I got it every 10-14 days, and it would last 5-8 days each time, so I was really only going a few days in between. I just recently was put on prometrium to stop my period from being soo often, and am on my third cycle with taking it, and I have had two regular cycles soo far. My prolactin levels have dropped and my progesterone levels have risen. It has been a total mess. I hope you only the best with it, as I know not everyone has had these problems, just be careful.


jswmls - July 13

I was on depo and it was a big mistake. If you want to conceive at a later time dont take depo. I can't stress enough how bad it is to your body and your mind. When I got off depo af came back but she just keeps coming back month after month. We want a baby so bad and sometimes I just feel helpless because I did this to myself. Nobody warned me about what would happen. I was painted this rosey picture and it's turned out to have a lot of thorns. Please do more research on depo. Just type it into a search engine and you'll see everything that comes up. So many women have problems from it, please just take about an hour and go through the information before putting that 'wonder drug' into your body.


skeeter - July 24

I had been on Depo and it caused MAJOR problems with ttc. Depo acts on the part of the brain that causes estrogen production. When I saw my new dr he did an u/s to check on the size of my uterus. It was the size of a walnut!! Caused by the depo shot. It shrunk it. I then had to take hormones to grow it. It did work, but it hurt like hell. I had major cramps. I don't recommend the Depo shot to anyone.



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