1 week after IUI does anyone expd. Cramping
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aish - June 5

I had my IUI last week now i am putting progestrone capinside my vagina....but after 1 week of IUI i expd. cramping...does anyone expd this & got pg ot there frnds???/
help me i am felling so low that my AF will come ......


SashaP - June 6

I was cramped up after my IUI for almost the entire 2ww. I did get pg with my first IUI with twins but lost them at 8w. But I will do another IUI if trying on my own for a month dosen't work. Even if you are pg you will feel like af is coming so don't get to worried about that. After my bfp had to keep running to the bathroom b/c I would have sworn af had started. Good luck I hope you get your bfp.


aish - June 6

Thanku Sasha for answering my Q.
I am sorry for ur loss ...i hope u will also get pg soon again...best wishes to u


crystal74 - June 13

what is the cap??? never heard of that


aish - June 14

cap means capsule ......
u know i am feeling so crampy now ...lets see what will happen tomorrow


crystal74 - June 14

i never heard of doing that..... what does that do for you? i am taking a progesterone blood test on saturday to see if i O. but never heard of progesterone cap inside vagina....keep me posted on your symptoms and results, what day is it for you??? it's only BEEN 4 days since IUI. I think that's 4 DPO - - - - -right??? i still don't know what DPO means


Galina - June 14

Sasha, I don't know if you remeber me from earlier posts this year, but I just read your post and want to express how very sorry I am about your loss. It must have been a very difficult time for you. Well, to look at the positive of all of this (and you MUST find a positive), you COULD get pg and you WILL get pg again. My thoughts are with you and I wish you the very best.


crystal74 - June 14

how is everyone today? i am bored here at work, obsessing over my symptoms:):):):):):0


JB0405 - June 14

Hi everybody... I see some familiar people in here, Aish, Galina... Hi Aish, I had my 2nd IUI last week Friday and my 2nd HCG shot this morning... I have been experiencing cramping BUT I am sure it is due to the HCG, are you taking that as well? I am going thru the 2ww as well... when is your 2ww over? Sasha, my heart goes out to you...I hope all goes well with the next try. Hi Crystal, I believe I have seen you on another post as well, anyway, DPO...I take that to mean Day(s) Past Ovulation... BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!


aish - June 14

hi ..well my test is - ve & am not pg...going for 2nd IUI.


crystal74 - June 14

yeah i get bored so i search this site to find people to chat with. i try to check out every room but post in the ones that are similar with me:):):)


JB0405 - June 14

Sorry about the negative result Aish... keep trying! Don't give up!! I said in my earlier post that I was sure that the cramps had to do with the HCG shot but I just remembered that I took the 1st shot before IUI and have been feeling crampy since the weekend, I just took the 2nd shot this morning... I don't want to make much of it, for fear of being severly disappointed!



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