1 IUI or 2?
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Anne - March 11

I am having my 3rd IUI tomorrow. I read on here that some of you have had 2 IUI's back to back. How did your Dr. decide to do that? I have never been offered that option. Maybe that would increase my chances?


tryin4baby - March 11

my dr. likes to do the iui's 2 days in a row at ovulation with the 2nd day being the most important. i just had sex the first day and then had the iui on the 2nd day. then we had to have sex that night and the next morning.


to tryin4baby - March 11

just curious..why are you doing IUI?


tryin4baby - March 11

i haven't been able to get pregnant on my own and went to an infertility dr. they usually will do the iui when using any type of drugs.


xxx - March 11

my MD said you should abstain from ejaculation 48 hours prior to IUI procedure, just wondering why you are told to have sex before and after IUI..couldn't this lower your man's sperm count?


SS - March 12

xxx, yes, you are so right.
they are pretty much wasting their time by doing "it" too much. Sperm needs at least a day to build back up.
And if you're paying for an IUI you should hold off on every day. It's every other day. This is per my doctor by the way.


tryin4baby - March 12

yes you should have sex every other day when trying but they like to make sure that they get the sperm to where it needs to be. you should have sex the day before ovulation and the day after. i questioned it too about to much sex but they just said they want to make sure that the sperm gets to where it needs to be. but hey they know what they are doing. they have a high success rate.



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