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April26 - May 22

Hello All! Well this is my first month using the Clearblue Easy Fertility monitor. Already had two eggs on day 13 & 14. My dh and I have been trying for 8 months with no luck so far. We know his sperm count is good. He had a vasectomy reversal done, due to previous marriage and two children conceived, and we recently had a sperm analysis. Actually, his sperm count was higher than most normal men. It was 24 Million and the norm is 22 Million. The dr. did say his motility (which is how fast they swim) was a little low but that it is normal for this stage. My question is, if you get the two eggs on the monitor does it really mean you ovulated or it is just programmed to tell you that? We want a baby so bad but have had no luck so far. All of my girlfriends have babies and it makes me so sad to be around them all of the time and play with them but not a child of my own. We did bd on the first day of the egg, the 13th, but not the 14th. Then we bd'd the day after the second egg, the 15th. Any success stories with this monitor? Baby Dust to all of us who are trying to have little ones!!!!


Sweetpea - May 23

Chances are good that you ovulated, you can be sure if you chart your temp. You should join us in the "Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor PART 2 " thread. We're all using the monitor some for the first time, others for many months. Most people have concieved and moved onto new threads, I'm still trying.


April26 - May 23

Thanks, Sweetpea...I will do that!



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