19 years old and cant conceive
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UnLuckyLady - January 23

my df isnt very understanding and i am young myself i am 19 years old and ttc i have been ttc for 21 months. i just cant seem to get pregnant i have tried all sorts from changing my diet. to charting bbt and tsking suppliments my charts show that i am ovulating judging by the shift but why cant i become pregnant. i am so upset worried and confused. this shouldn tbe happening to me at my age. i cry every time my period comes around, all my friends have wonderful kids and can become pregnant. but it just seems to be me troubling me and sometimes i just wish i wasnt who i was i feel useless and like i dont work proporly. please anybody in the same situation or would like to chat please let me know. and i have a doctors appointment on friday to see whats what but id love some support


Kayla - January 23

I am also 19 years old and I'm trying to conceive. I know it's hard and I've been trying for 16 months now. I bf already has two wonderful little girls with his ex, but I felt that I wanted to have a child of our own and that I was ready. Till this day I am still trying to conceive and hopefully someday both of our dreams will come true.


mrose - January 23

hey ladies....you two are not alone. I am 20, almost 21 and am having the same problem. My husband and I have been ttc for awhile now with no luck. I have a doc appt on Feb. 10th(my birthday of all days) maybe I can get some answers soon. baby dust :-)


UnLuckyLady - January 24

well my fiance has had no children so we are both stuck in the lurch really. nobody knows whats wrong and my family are like.... your not infertile dont worry. and its like its allright for you you had kids young but you conceived within 3 months. i am 21 months now and i am dreading this docs appointment


rachel - January 24

hi i am in same boat, ive been trying since november but been havin unprotected sex since 15 and never been pregnant, i have v. irregular periods and not sure if i ovulate or not.....my mom has 4 kids with no probs but my gran never used birth control and only fell pregnant every seven years!!!! i cant wait that long


UnLuckyLady - January 25

yes well i am 5 days late now for af and bfn last night i thought my cycles were sorted now every 31 days i ovulated on day 21 but am not sure if it was ovulation my chart says it was. i am so confused i have af cramps sore bbs but no mood swings and i feel good high cervix and white cm. who knows what is going on i just want a child


mrose - January 25

are you considering going on fertility drugs? I have my doctor appointment in a couple weeks, I think I'm going to ask her to put me on clomid. My friend whom is about 6 months younger than I just started clomid the first of January and found out two days ago she was pregnant....I'm hoping it will work that well for me as well. Her husband and she were trying for about a year naturally and she was diagnosed with PCOS back in September. So for this to have happened so quickly is truely amazing. baby dust to everyone! :-)


hopeful06 - January 27

I don't mean for this to sound rude, but you're so young! Maybe you're not getting pregnant for a reason....maybe it's not the best time right now? Do you really feel ready for a child or do you want someone to love in your life? I'm only asking because you said you have been trying for almost 2 years--that would put you at 17 when you started. Make sure you have everything in your life figured out first, then worry about children.


hmm... - January 27

I feel a Maury show coming.....


mrose - January 27

Hopeful whom was that directed towards? I myself will be 21 in two weeks. Been married almost two years, and have only been trying about 5 months. I just thought the age group was round about right for me...if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?


wow - January 27

you gals are 'young ins yourself. Maybe you should wait a few more years and live a little.


rachel - January 27

why cant ppl leave out the sermons we know what we are doing, we are not 15 yr old children that want to have a baby because we think it will be cool and fun. we are adults that could possibly have fertility problems the same as any1 else in this forum. we are tryin to be hopeful together and it does not help to have ppl coming in talking as tho we are 14


mrose - January 27

Well said Rachel. Like I said in my previous message, I myself have been married almost two years and am very successful in my career. The fact that I am only 21(basically) has nothing to do with the fact that I myself may be like other women on this formum and have problems conceiving. I know some women my age are not responsible enough to have children, I have a friend of mine that just found out she was pregnant, she is a wild one. Out partying all the time, has been on drugs in the past, and no I don't think she needs or deserves a baby. However, not all women our age are like that. Another one of my friends whom is only 20 just found out she is pregnant, and personally I think she will be a better mother then most 30+ women that I know whom have children. Age means nothing, and if you don't realize that, please do not post on this forum, it is not for you.


hopeful06 - January 27

rachel & mrose....I was not directing that toward you. Furthermore, I was not trying to be rude.... However, if unluckylady has been trying to conceive for 2 years, that would put her at 17 when she started trying, which--to me--is a red flag that something else is going on that she needs to deal with. I was simply trying to be helpful--not rude. Please accept my apologies. I was not speaking to the rest of you--especially those who are happily married.


..... - January 27

technically you guys aren't even considered adults by the governmant until you are 18 and if you start trying at 17 you're still just a kid trying to have a kid. if you guys have your lives together then good for you and good luck in life. my problem is i'm tired of seeing girls who are still living at home with their mom and dad trying to have children...i mean come on, if you cant take care of yourself then you definitely cant take care of a child for the next 18 years. but if you and your dh/significant-other have a home and a vehicle and have money saved and are trying to start a family the right way then i have much respect for you. if you're not even 18 yet and you still live at home with your parent(s) and you dont have any money but your allowance and your part time job, then you definitely need to stop trying to have a baby and think about getting your life together. so basically what i'm trying to say to those of you who aren't considered, by others, to be old enough to have children (although i really dont think age has so much to do with it-i think it has more to do with maturity and stability) that as long as you have your life together and you and your dh/significant-other have a good relationship together then their isn't any reason why you shouldn't be able to have children. as long as you can take care of your children and love them and provide a stable home for them-that's all that matters. good luck to all of you mature young ladies.


YES - January 27

I agree!


hopeful06 - January 27

Thank you "......." That is exactly what I meant (although I didn't say it in those words)....



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