18 and unable to get pregnant??
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Chakel - August 15

I'm 18 and my fiancee is 22. Before you tell me i am too young let me add that I am finished school and currently taking a nursing course (which i will be finished in 3 months) and my fiancee has a great career. We have been trying to concieve for about 6 months now and nothing! the only thing I get is a late period every month which gives me false hope only to be dissapointed when aunt flo comes to town. Im thinking it may be a fertility issue because since we have been trying to concieve I start getting cramps and they are very intense and last for a week and my period is usually late. anyone have any ideas what is causing this or have any suggestions? any help is greatly appreciated


slowpoke01 - August 15

i would suggest that you set up an appointment with a doc and discuss this with them. i think that intense cramps is a sign of endometriosis and endo can cause scarring which can make it hard to conceive. but it could be anything. you should have an hsg dye test done to make sure that your tubes arent blocked. also it could be a cyst since they cause pain and late periods alot of times. but the only way to know for sure is to go to the doc. also you may not be ovulating regularly so it could just be anything.



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