16 days late and NOT pregnant. What is wrong?!
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Nikki - February 26

I am getting more and more frustrated! I am now 16 days late and the test I took when I was 12 days late was negative. It didn't look messed up, the control line was there and everything. It was just negative.
I really just want to start my next cycle so I can try again, but no, my body is making me wait. It is extremely annoying and very weird.
Why is my body turning against me?! I also thought I had a yeast infection, but I took that pill the doctor gave me and it didn't help at all, so I guess it is something else. Does anyone know what could be wrong with me?


Mega - February 27

I don't want to give you false hope, there are other non-PG related reasons for being late but if you just took 1 HPT test & it was BFN, I'd suggest asking your dr to do a beta, it's more sensetive than a HPT, & you could still be PG but not producing enough HCG to register. Good luck! Hang in there.



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