15 months of trying cycles messed really bad!
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r - August 31

i cant get pregnant, i was on the depo shot for 6 months from jan 04 to june 04 my periods came back in jan 05 and i have had the ewcm every month and sometimes twice im not sure if im ovulating doctors wont help me they r telling me im too young and to keep trying as im only 18 its making me very unhappy. my fiance only has 1 testicle as he had an accident when he was little. we have been trying for 15 months i have been trying to track my cycles but they are just too irregular i get the ewcm but i have got it twice this month, my lmp was 1st july since then i have had no real bleeding i spotted for 2 days on the 15th and then on the 28th again for 2 days no blood jus pink and brown, i have done a preg test and it is negative. im not sure what cd im on at all when i have ovulated and when my next period is going to be.it was quite regular once a month up until july i was expecting one on july 24th and it never came but i had all the cramps and no bleeding, all pms symptoms i still have pms symptoms now but i havnt had any real bleeding. i think the depo has really messed my body up even though it should be out of my system now. any advice or comments will be nice thankyou and baby dust to all.


To r - August 31

I would go and see a diff gp you can request to do this in the uk and keep trying till you find an understanding one . Also has your partner been check out its not always down to the woman ?? I've not heard very good reports about the depo shot and i'm sure that docs do not know the real damage it causes as yet .Get youre bloke checked out too i would .


r - August 31

i think i am going to its really hurting me this depo has messed up y life.



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