15 months and no periods. Am I Ovulating? Can i get Pregnant
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brittney - January 16

I have a daughter 15months old. Ive been on depo since i had her. My last shot was due Sept. twenty sumthing. I didnt get it cause i hate the way it was making me feel. I wanted to get on the patch but the doctor said i was to fat. i still havent had a period. I had sex DEC.26, 29, and 31. Im thinking its too soon to get a pregnanacy test, but then i started thinking is it even possible for me to get pregnant if im not having period. Am I even ovulating. I know u all think i should see my doctor but i called and he gave me an appointment for jan 31. I cant wait that long i need to know NOW. Well thanks for all your Advice and Help.



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