150mg of Clomid. too much??
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chrysti - November 13

This is my 5th cycle on clomid. During my 2nd cycle, I was on 50mg, and had 2 follicles. I had a blighted ovum. We have tries 3 times since. They increased the dosage to 100mg, but I only produced 1 follicle each of those tries. This month, my 6th try, they increased the dosage to 150mg. Is this too much? Will the increased dosage help? Will my uterus' lining really be that thin? Am I immune to clomid? Llots of questions and very frustrated. Thanks in advance for your input.


isa - November 13

Hi Chrysti, I was on 100 mg first cycle and my lining was too thin so he dropped me in 2nd cycle to 5omg and again it was too thin. Both times they put me on estrace estrogen and within a day it made my lining great but they would rather not have to add meds if they dont have to. This cycle (#3) they decided no more clomid just injections so just make sure you are getting regular ultrasounds to check your lining. good luck


sherry - November 13

150 is the max i would ever do. i started out at 100 and produced 5 eggs, so iam sure they would have went to 150 if necessary, but don't go beyond. after that injectables are the best bet. good luck, iam sure if your lining was ok on 100mg, the 150 should be alright to. they will monitor you of course though. **baby dust to you*** sherry


chrysti - November 14

thanks for the response ladies!! Keep 'em coming. My lining was perfect on 100mg. I'm hoping it'll be fine on 150mg.


Randi - November 25

I got pregnant on my second month of 200mg of clomid. My fertility specialist says they don't normally give that high of a dose, but it worked for me!


chrysti - November 25

awesome!! i was just inseminated yesterday and today. I had 1 good follicle on each side, with a few smaller ones on one side. my lining was totally fine. that was thier only concern wtih the 150mg. i wish i could produce at least 1 more mature follicle. i'm crossing my fingers as usual this cycle.



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