13 wks pregnant after taking supplements
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candaceann - October 2

My husband and I started trying to have a family in 1994. In 1997, I became pregnant and suffered a m/c. In 1999, after two more long years of trying with no success, my husband's boss recommended I take some supplements that she was highly convinced would help. After one month, I became pregnant with my daughter who is now 6 1/2. I was not convinced that it was the supplements alone that helped me to get pregnant. In 2002, we started trying for a sibling for our 2 year old daughter with no success for another 4 years. In June of 2006, I purchased these same supplements off [email protected] I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I now truely believe that these supplements helped me. They are called microhydrin and diosin. I hope this post can help other infertile couples out there!


mommywannabe - October 2

candaceann, what mg of each were you taking and where else other than ebay can you purchase these supplements. I am glad these have worked for you both times and want to try them but need a little more info. if at all possible. Thanks for passing this along by the way.


kare21162 - October 3

were you not ovulating? because i believe that i am not.


kare21162 - October 3

oh and was your doctor ok with you taking these. i just don't want to take them if they aren't approved.


candaceann - October 3

mommywannabe-I was taking 2 of each pill a day. They are from a company called Royal Body Care.
kare21162-I was ovulating. I had bloodwork done every few months to check my hormones and thyroid. Eveything was always normal. They are not approved by the FDA but my doc ok'd these. They are dietary supplements. The diosin contains wild yam root. I did stop talking them when I had a positive pregnancy test. I felt more comfortable taking these than fertility drugs.


candaceann - October 3

The website is www.royalbodycare.com



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