12dpo and still BFN :-(
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hopefulnicci - August 12

Is there anyone else out there who didn't show positive till really late, despite being pregnant?? i was so sure i'd be getting BFP by now particulary with a progesterone level at 78.7 (7dpo) Please someone help and shead some light on this before i go insane.


thayward7 - August 12

I am 9 days post IUI... and haven't been preggers before.... BUT I have read that MANY woment don't get positives until after 14 days post O. So, hang-in there! Positive thoughts and smiles!
- T


SANN - August 12

Hi there : ) Got mine on cd38/cd39 really faint lines and I think it was 18dpo/19dpo but my cycles are a little longer. Stay positive and think happy thoughts ... there's still a chance. Give the little one (or ones) a chance to grow. Your progesterone levels are high for a natural cycle : ) Any pg signs?? Are you feeling tired/sleepy (when you're usually not)? I'm on 13dpo/cd33 and I haven't started to test yet. I think it could be twins for you, test again in a few days, keep me posted. Tonnes of baby dusts to you : )


hopefulnicci - August 12

Thankyou for your responses. As for symptoms, i've never felt so exhausted in my life, its 6pm here in england and i'm ready for bed!! have been feeling like this for at least 4 days, got lots of creamy cm and sore boobs, but only on the sides not the nipples (surely these are all just side effects of the high progesteroen?! Also it's not a natural cycle been ttc with dh for 2 1/2 years with PCOS so on clomid (previous progesterones haven't been more than 2.3 so DH has really got his hopes up this time, i'm desperate not to disappoint him or myself!)



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