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lifequest - August 24

Okay, I was 12dpo yesturday and I notice some brown,pink and streaks of red discharge. It started yesturday afternoon. It only happens when I wipe, and not all the time. AF should arrive on Sat. (I'm always 28 days) but I'm also on progest. oil. As far as I know and what my girlfriends told me, prog. is suppose to keep your period back. If this is a period why am I getting this so early? I have just completed IUI 12 days ago. I'm hoping it's implantation, but not sure. Has anyone had this happen to them. Has anyone become pregnent...after this sort of bleeding?...Help!


Tracy88 - August 24

I hope it's implantation. Did you post this question on the pregnancy board?


CC - August 24

My Re has told me, and unfortunately I have been my own proof, that the progesterone affects everyone differently. Some will not get AF until they stop it, while others can spot on it, or get full af. If you are 12 dpo, you should be able to get a beta, or at the least a hpt. Good luck!


CC - August 24

I forgot to add..Keep us posted! I hope to read about a bfp.


lifequest - August 24

Hi ladies....well thanks for your responses. Tracy88 what prg board are your talking about. I was on the prog. suppositories for the last two IUI, but they have now changed me to prg, oil...which is literaly a pain in the BUTT.
They told me it might work better for me. I really hope it's implantation...I will do a HPT on Friday night or early Sat. morning...if it hasn't fully come out. (AF). So far, just brown thick discharge. No pain or cramping. I will keep you posted...thanks girls for your support...and baby dust to ya!


Tracy88 - August 24

Basically when you are on the homepage for this website choose the option, "Trying to get pregnant" then when you get the list of boards, choose "Pregnancy over 35" and ask the question. You don't need to say whether you are over 35 years old or not, just ask whether anyone else has experienced this etc... I hope I am steering you in the right direction.


CC - August 24

Im on the PIO after a IVF cycle, so I feel your pain! Your testing is only a day or so away!


DCL - August 24

HI LifeQuest - I think you and I are a few days apart. It will be 15 days after my IUI tomorrow and have a scheduled blood work tomorrow morning. Over the last few days not feeling much of anything but noticed some clear mucus but I am convinced that it is the progesterone suppositories. I was wondering too about my AF if I get it - hopefully not!! Wish me lots of luck!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone else too!


lifequest - August 24

Hi Tracy88, thank you for the info...I'll try that now. CC, I don't even feel my butt anymore, it's numb. No what I mean...when do you get your results from IVF...baby dust and luck to you. DCL, good good luck tommorow! Let me know how it goes...I hope you get a BFP. How many IUI have you done, and do you do injections? Keep me posted.
As for me, no AF, just brownish, purplish discharge sometimes....I'm just going to pray for a POSITIVE!


DCL - August 25

LifeQuest - BFN!!! I am still in shock. I know it was only my first IUI but it has been a long time coming. My hubby is sooo sad right now.



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