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Maren - February 27

This is the first month that the Dr. tested to see if I ovulated and first with ovulation testing strips. I was all excited to learn I ovulated, according to the strips sometime between the 16 - 18th of February. Which would make me 10-11DPO. We BD'd plenty and was hoping for a BFP but not even a tinge of pink, BFN. Do you think it is too early? I tested with first response. I am so bummed. :(


Mega - February 27

It's probably a little early right now. Implantation typically happens from 5 to 10 DPO, & it usually takes a few more days for enough HCG to be produced to get a + HPT. Try to wait a few more days & test again. Good luck!


Maren - February 28

Thanks Mega, I wasn't sure when inplantation was. I am keeping my fingers crossed, if not try try again. My husband is getting tested next. So frustrating!!


Mega - February 28

You're welcome. Good luck. I hope this is your month. I'm glad though that you've made an appt. to get your DH checked too. I think that should be the 1st step anyone TTC should take. How long have you been TTC?


Maren Bell - February 28

This March it will be a year. How about you? I get more and more emotional about it when it doesn't work out. I am glad that I looked ok with ovulation but then DH could have a problem. My friend told me of someone she knew and neither had a problem it just took them 2 years to conceive. I can't believe it, wishing you luck.


isa - February 28

HI Maren, at our clinic they say wait for 14 dpo if doing an hpt. Then it is most accurate. If you read the box, those that get the early +'ves are a lot less % than those that wait til af is due. Good luck and always bd a few days past the opk +'ve just to cover all your basis. My lh shows early on the opks (verified by ultrasounds) and if I assume I ovulate in 24 hours I'd be wrong. It's usually 2- 2 1/2 days after the opk + that my surge really goes. Best wishes I hope you get you bfp. Also think about taking bbt's. That also will help you along and tell you if you ovulated once you see the rise in temps and you might consider a post coital test to make sure your mucous isnt killing of dh's sperm. Its a simple test like a swab after you've had intercourse and right at ovulation time.


Maren - March 1

Thanks ladies. I may have had inplantation bleeding. How long does it last. Yesterday afternoon I wiped light brown only twice during the afternoon, pretty light. Does it usually last longer? That could have been about 10 DPO if I ovulated a past the reading. I hope so.


Mega - March 1

Hi Maren. Oh, that sounds very promising. I hope it was implantation bleeding you had yesterday. Certainly sounds like it. The timing is correct. I've never experienced it first hand but from what I've read it's very light, & usually just happens when you wipe, again very much like what you saw yesterday. Please keep us posted. To answer your earlier question, I've been TTC #1 since Aug. 2004. I have PCOS & my DH has morphology though so we've been working with a RE since the Summer. Good luck. I hope this is your month.


Maren - March 1

I will keep you posted. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, they were already up when I first tested. The only signifigant symptoms I have had are fatigue and we travelled this past weekend and I felt motion sickness anytime I was in a car or a bus or on the plane. We'll see. Mega, best of luck to you, did they find anything wrong. Like I said my friend 's friend took years and it just wasn't the right till eventually it was. Good luck


Mega - March 1

Sounds good. But I can certainly relate to not wanting to get your hopes up too much. The RE ran lots of tests, confirmed I do have PCOS & DH does have male issues but with the IUIs that we do we're confident our BFP isn't too far away.


Maren - March 3

I'm in denial. I took another HPT and still BFN. AF hasn't come yet, which is only a few days late. Maybe it just hasn't built up enough. If I did have implantation bleeding it would be about 3 days ago. I feel really emotional, it is either PMS or other, hoping other. But, bummed about the tests. My sisters getting married tomorrow, we haven't told anyone we are trying. I hate being bummed now, but I am.


Mega - March 3

I'm sorry about the BFN, the tiny bit of bleeding 3 days ago really did sound promising. But as they say, it's not over til AF shows up. Some pregnancies take a long time to show + on a HPT, I hope you're in that category. In the meantime, if AF still hasn't shown by Mon-Tues. of next week, you're probably better off getting a Beta at your dr's office. I hope you have fun at your sister's wedding. I'll keep my fingers' crossed that AF stays away & your BFP is on its way. Hang in there.


Mega - March 3

I think AF started today, it is still very light but given the BFN's I am thinking that is the case. I don't know what was up with the brownish discharge?? Perhaps someother bathroom incident, weird. I AF quickly dries up I'll let you know. Next step, DH is off to get tested next week. I thought this all would be much easier.



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