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sophie - March 3

hello people.
so,is there any sexual postion that can help with concieving?
thanxs xx


maude l. - March 3

try raising your pelvis after sex - helps them get to their desitnation faster!


???? - April 1



Nancy - April 8

Either way, it can't hurt :)


Amy - April 26

Not sure if it works, but I have put my butt up on a pillow or two during intercourse, to allow gravity to help the little guys out.


melanie - May 5

i have heard from several websites that when trying to conceive you should never have straddle your mate.. Its best to be on the bottom or from the back.. Also, do not wipe or bath for at least 15 minutes after ejaculation..


k.c - May 7

women on bottom, doggie style, pillow under hips, laying side by side. never standing up


Sal - May 11

Well we normally do hubby on top and as above i put a pillow under my bum and my feet on top of our headboard and stay still for 30 mins, not romantic i know but it all helped my sister have 2 healthy babies, we are still trying (3 months) hope that helped



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