who's the father of my unborn baby
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lady n - August 26

okay here we go. alright i had a normal period on feb 21-24 and i had sex w/ a condom on mar 9 and i had a normal period on mar 13-16 and sex w/o a condom on march 27, buut he pulled out..when did i get pregnant? was it the 9th of march or the 27th of march.


Kay - August 27

Are you serious? Of course it was the 27th. The withdrawal method is about the craziest form of birth control ever! You cannot count on his timing.


duh - September 1

u ovulate after a period


Lex - October 3

Umm is this a joke? If you had a normal period AFTER the first bit of sex, then you aren't pregnant from that round. It was clearly the second encounter. And I agree with Kay.... pulling out is not birth control. Not even CLOSE. Case in point, you are pregnant.


sel - March 18

You can have a normal period after becoming pregnant and some women even have up to five while being pregnant. Often alot lighter but some women don't notice the difference. And as for calling this young girl nastie things, maybe we should learn these things happen and the last thing she needs is people giving her a hard time, it was probably not something she did often. As for you Buck sitting around watching people putting there fists up themselfs maybe you should get a life! Hope everything has gone ok for you lady n.



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