who is daddy ???
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young and dumb - July 20

I am young so help me! My first day of my last period was may1 and i had sex with my boyfriend after my period and man #2 on may 27th, who is more likely to be the father of the child?


anonymous - July 20

more than likely your boyfriend.


hayley - July 24

hello well if u have a 28 day cycle u wud of been fertile from the 12 - 16 so i wud say ur boyfriend hope this helps


young and dumb - July 25

thanx hayley, it helped I just dont understand the whole cycle thing. All I know is my periods lasts from 5-7 days.


hayley - July 26

no u are not dumb it is hard to undersand when u are fertile.well when u have ur period it will last between 5-7 days which is normal,and if u are trying to concive u wud be fertile from the 14 day of ur last period.i hope this will help u understand a bit more



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