When To Have Sex
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Kira - September 8

ok so im not planning for a baby. im just hoping it will happen. im not charting anything but i am wondering if you chart your ovulation should you wait to have sex until u are ovulating. that sounds silly but i read on a site that you should use a condem until you're ovulating.. im dense please help. :)


TC - September 13

Sperm can live for up to 5 days. So if you do it anywhere around ovulation, it could happen. I don't understand if you want a baby, why a condom would ever be necessary.


D. - September 15

If you wait until you think you are ovulating, you could miss your window. Often we miss the actual ovulation. If you have normal cycles, about 28 days in length, I would suggest that you start to have intercourse at the latest starting the 11th day of your cycle at least every other day until you think you have ovulated. Keep tabs on your CM and CP. I would say use OPKs just to make sure you are in the window. Good Luck. TC is right: Sperm can live up to 5 days but that's only when you have fertile egg white like CM. If you are not at that point, don't count on the little guys living that long.



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