When should i conceive?
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Susan - November 22

Me and my husband are planning to have a baby. But the best time for both of us is to have the baby mid-may! when would be the best time to concieve?


Robyn - January 17

well, you could either count back 40 weeks from the time you want to deliver or I think I figured you would have to conceive in July to have a May baby. That's if you go the full 40 weeks of pregnancy (and if you think you can automatically conceive whenever you decide to.) I would suggest learning about your cycle to see when you ovulate and that way you will know when the best time for conception will be every month. Good luck!


Sally - January 19

Hi Susan, i dont want to upset you but i just want you to know on avarage it take 12 - 18 months for the avarage woman to concieve, you may already know this but when i started 15 months ago i thought it would be so easy. good luck with it though. x



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