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kristin - September 1

if fertilization did occur, would i still feel signs of ovulation- cramping etc.?


T C - September 5

If you were already to the point of fertitlization, you would be past the point of feeling ovulation.


kristin - September 6

so, tc if i'm cramping for a week i don't actually ovulate until after the cramping stops? i thought it might happen when the cramping was the worst?


Indie - October 3

Cramping doesn't necessarily mean ovulating. Cramping can be pms, gas, other female issues like UTI or pelvic inflamatory disease. it could also mean you already are pregnant.. One of the signs of pregnancy is cramping (in some women) the first few weeks. This is a result of changes in the uterus after the fertilized egg implants. Ultimately you know your body and if what you are feeling feels like "ovulation" thn get checked by a doctor. Ovarian cysts also feel a lot like ovulation pains.



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