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Ursula - March 9

May doctor said that prenatal vitamins don't actually help with conception or even you're body. Is this true?


amy - March 11

Vitamins in general can be beneficial to your body but should not replace healthy eating. It is a good idea to take prenatal vitamins 3 months before trying to conceive due to the folic acid they contain...this helps to prevent birth defects in the first trimester!


katy - April 29

no they dont help with conception but you should still take them to help prevent birth defects and spina bifida.


nancy - May 20

prenatal vitamins will not help you conceive, but it will help your body for preparing for pregnancy. But of course vitamins are not enough, you still have to eat a well balance diet, drink a lot of fresh fruits and the vitamins will act as a support for your body.


mondo - June 7

Hi Ursula,I take a multi with xtra folic,it dosnt help you to conceive like the girls say but my man was told to take a multi with xtra zinc.It is supposed to make the sperm stronger.Good Luck.


Kate - July 8

Could multi-vitamins or prenatal vitamins prevent unnecessary pregnancy?


to kate - July 8

No. Vitamines cannot prevent pg. The only help get your body in good shape to hold and care for a baby for 9 months. If you do not want to get pregnant use a form a birth control.



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