unable to conceive
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sue - September 29

what am i doin wrong been tryin for two and ahalf years


? - September 30

what have you been doing?


Mega - September 30

Have you seen a specialist? I'd consider seeing a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). Maybe your OB could recommend a good one in your area. They'd take some basic tests like blood work panel, an U/S, suggest your partner get a semen analysis. Are you regular? Are your periods painful? Perhaps your doctor (OB or a RE) can put you on Clomid. That's a good first step fertility drug. It only helps if you have certain issues though, so your doctor will proably run tests first. As the previous poster asked, what have you been doing? Timing intercourse? Using an OPK? Charting? Any of those? Good luck to you!



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