ttc ovulate ?
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brandi - April 26

i was just wondering if anyone get side pains and stomachaches when ovulating?


Sal - May 11

I get a sort of period pain when i ovulate, i have been told im lucky as i can tell when i am fertile, so dont worry its a good thing. You may want to get it checked anyway if your worried.


Faith - May 13

I feel this sharp little pinching feeling low on my right side on the bottom of my stomach. (on the inside of my hip bone) I never feel any pains on the left side.


anni - May 15

i am having pains on the inside of my right hip bone. i have been weaning my 12 month old baby and now just waiting (and waiting) for my cycle to start again. i am only nursing at 8 am and 8 pm. and only a little at those times. but i am feeling the same pain as brandi. it does feel like a little pinch. but i usually think of it like someone has put a heavy little stone inside and it feels heavy and uncomfortable. but this has been lasting three days...... so i don't know what to think.


rach - June 18

it kind feels like period pain but milder and only lasts few hours



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