TTC but "wierd" menses lately
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wannababynotadog - September 21

Dorked up the other one... suppose to be TTC, not TCC... anyways question is still the same.

My husband and I have been tcc for 4 months now. I went off bc in January, it is now Sept. I just got my period yesterday, this month too late to help. Question: lately I have been having about 1/2 to 1 full week of slight but dark brownish discharge with some blood, and then getting my "real period" for a couple of days after. The "real periods" are always 27/28 days between each other. How do I know which "period start date" to go by? the brownish discharge mixed with blood or the real deal? Also, has anyone else had this happen?? What could be causing it?


Toni - September 21

I have spotting like that too before af. I think you start with the spotting to count the days. If you have less than 10 days after you o before any spotting occurs, you could have a short luteal phase and might need progesterone supps. Hope that helps!


P - September 21

You are suppose to start counting the first day of red bleeding. The brownish spotting should not be counted as a new cycle. Hope this helps.


Toni - September 22

But any spotting means a break down of the lining. And could be a possible problem with your luteal phase.



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