TTC #1 on clomid,estradiol,and,prochieve with questions?!
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waitinforalittleone - March 8

Maybe someone can help me as well- my husband and i have been trying for 14 months now- we are both 21 and both healthy with and both of us got checked out with everything in tip top shape but still no pregnancy? it feel as if everything else is going right for us but having a baby- and more and more people around us are getting PG but us? istarted clomid,estradiol,and prochieve this month and just waiting now but i think it didn't happen - my cycles are usually 30-31 days but he(Dr.) told me to test on day 28 -is that when i should expect my period i took a first response yesterday and BFN- day 24, all i want so bad is a baby? any suggestions ? Thanks a bunch!


BabyCrazy23 - September 15

Hi waitinforalittleone,
I had to take all 3 of these while I was trying for my son. I used all these for 2 months and continued with the prochieve until I was 10 weeks pregnant. I was the same way you are. Frustrated b/c everyone around me was having a baby, but it happened for me and it will for you too. I'm trying now for #2, have been for 5 months now with no luck, so next month I go to the Dr. so I will probably be back on the meds again. Oh well it's worth it. Hope everything works out for you!


hollyh - November 1

You sound just like us! We've been trying a year and a half now. My husband and I were both tested as well and same scenario. I tried Clomid alone one month. Last month I did Clomid/IUI/prochieve and now this month I am going to start on Clomid tomorrow and try estradiol/IUI/ is SO frustrating! I, too, have so many friends getting pregnant/having babies. How many times per day did you have to take the estradiol?



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