Trying to Have Twins
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Lori - August 9

I have no problem conceiving. (I already have five children). But I have always wanted twins.
If I was to take the drug clomid, what would my chances of having twins be?


KellyN - August 10

I've heard it's only about 10 percent of pregnancies that are multiples. You may have to have 9 more kids first. ;o)


to lori - August 10

Since you have 5 children do you have any tips on getting pregnant quickly my email is [email protected]


kim - August 11

my ob told me less than 10 percent WITH clomid, and a higher rate of early miscarriage, not worth it to me. as for the more kids thing, my neighbor who does not believe in birth control is in her early thirties with 11 children and no twins. the more kids you have the more likely twins are, but i wouldn't count on that one either.


TC - September 13

My dr said that in people that are ovulating on their own that clomid can actually stop you from ovulating. So beware.


KellyN - September 13

Yea, I've heard that too, TC. I've heard it can cause ovarian cysts, maybe that's what does it?



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