Trying to fall pregnant
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Jodie - December 5

We have been trying to fall pregnant for approx. 6 months but have been unsuccessful.
I usually go to the toilet 5-10 minutes aftre having sex, would this be decreassing our chances???


rachel - December 6

yes it would, u should try to lie down with pillows under ur rear after sex for 30minsxxbaby dust to uxx


JamesJX - February 18

We have been looking to slip pregnant regarding approx. few months but are already defeated.
It's my job to see a bathroom 5-10 moments aftre having sex, would this become decreassing our own possibilities???



lalai - June 8

I am not a pro by any means but i think this doesn't make any sense at all. Believe me, i usually pee after having sex and guess what? I have 4 lovely kids now. so no, it's a myth! well at least for me..


besh - August 10

you are not supposed to pee right away after having sex if you want to conceive. this is based on the articles that i'ved read. it says you need to wait for at least 20 minutes or more before you get up.


jhinx - August 17

i usually stay on bed for 30 minutes just to make sure that the sperms have already made it's way to the egg but still no luck. so i don't think this is even effective at all!!!



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