trying to conceive after bc pill
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Eliza G - April 2

I went off the pill after several years in December. I have had one period since on January 25th(35 days since previous period) and nothing since. My breasts have been extremely sore for over 2 weeks. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, both were negative. Is this normal since I was on the pill for so long?


rachel - April 23

Maybe you did not ovulate this cycle, that can sometimes happen, if so, your period is usually delayed and breast tenderness can occur. What about consult OB for blood test?


Angie - April 25

I went off bc a while ago, and my periods have been irregular ever since. Before I started them I was always regular. So in my opinion, it seems to be the norm.


a - April 26

I was on the pill for 13yrs, barely having a chance to get regular w/o BC. After I went off, I still was never regular. At the point my breast got really sore, that's when I was finally pregnant with my daughter. I'd say have a test at the Dr, just to be sure.


Nat - April 28

I'm still having the same problem also...except I haven't had a period since January. Now I'm swelling, I noticed my feet have been swollen. Am I retaining fluids from not starting in forever? I haven't taken a pg test since April 1st. Not sure what to do about this.


AP - June 3

Question? I was on the Depo Prevera for 5 years. I have been off it since last Dec/04. My husband and I have been having unprotected sex quite often since March, but the only thing is I have not yet had a period. I did have a bit of bleeding one day in May..and then nothing..then a couple of days later it came back...and then went away the same day...I am confused because I have all the pregnancy symptoms. I have very sore tender breasts, I feel nauseated at certain times of the day, I been having this heavy feeling in my lower abd for the past is now June03/05..I did take a test appx 2 weeks ago and it came out neg. I don't know what to think? My husband and I want a baby so bad. And none of the symptoms have gone away! Has anyone else experienced the same thing? I know you have to ovulate to get pregnant, but I don't even know if I am ovulating? I do get the mucus etc...but still not sure! Plese help!


Stacy - June 27

Hi everyone..ask you ob to prescribe you medication to make you start you period. I had the same problem. My ob prescribed a ten day pill and withen those days you will start it. You are not ovulating if you don't have a period. Therefore you can't get pregnant


Brea - June 29

Me too! Went off the pill in Jan. and haven't had a period since, just light spotting with back cramps and tenderness. Not pregnant. My ob gave me Provera followed by Clomid b/c she doesn't think I'm ovulating without a period. On day 2 of Provera now and will keep you posted...



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