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mrajoshi - November 27

Hello Everyone

My age is 25 , i got married last year and now i m trying to conceive a baby. i have started to try for the baby from starting of this month . i tried 3-4 times in this month but i dont get pregnent . My monthly period cycle is regular or sometime it is just 2-3 days up or down. I tried one ovalution calender online and try to conceive on one of the day which was mention as a very fertile day in calender. but i dont find any positive result by using it. After doing intercourse i usually try to avoid to go to the toilet. but when i wake up i feel that sperms comes out automatically or i dont know whether it is sperms or my white organs. and after ejaculate his sperms in me when he rid of his penis from me. all sperms comes out... so i usually think may be they dont reachh to my end. I am little confuse or i dont have much more idea about this. so please help by ur advise.


hem - December 11

mrajoshi, if you are trying to concieve seriously, then may be u shld make use of the modern techniques that are available. Ovulation predictor kits are available in the market which can be used like everyday from the 10th day (if u have a 28 day cycle) of your cycle till u get a positive. It will give u a positive abt 24 to 36 hours before u ovulate. This helps you in timing your intercourse but are a little bit expensive and if you have a long cycle u might even need 2 packs. Another inexpensive method is to chart your basal body temperature. I hope u wld have read known abt this. Upon waking up everyday, u have to take your body temperature and this temp is supposed to increase by abt 0.4 to 0.6 deg approx after ovulation. So if u chart it continuosly u will have a track of your ovulation. for more details click on this link... . Calculating ovulation based on just a calendar will not be helpful because calendars only answer based on our input. So trusting just that will not help. And about sperms coming out, may be try using a little pillow under u when u have intercourse. After having an intercourse stay in the same position for 5 or 10 mins and then remove the pillow and just go to bed. The sperm knows its way and duty but still we are just creating more targets. hope this helps and good luck to you on your trying.



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