too much sex
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rach - June 18

can too much sex do more harm than good if you are ttc?


Alissa - June 18

I have heard that it can, thats why they say every other day? You can kill off the good sperm.


Jayne - June 21

no,sperm dies within1 to 7 days some hang on some dont. But they say every 2nd day is better because it gives the sperm a chance to build up there strength and we all wont strong swimmers dont we girls


rach - June 21

yes aha


Brea - June 29

I read that male sperm don't live as long in the uterus as female sperm, so if you want to have a boy, you can increase your chances by having sex everyday to keep the male sperm count high in uterus. Don't know if it's true, but worth a shot. Also, sex everday can increase th pH of the uterus, making it more friendly to the male sperm. (Semen is mostly alkaline). Everyday won't hurt the sperm count, but could improve the number of living sperm inside you.


Mia - July 23

I know they say you should have sex every other day to keep sperm count up but I really want to concieve and have been having sex every day for 2.5 weeks since I have irregular periods since coming off the pill. Could this lessen my chance of concieving??


baby003 - August 6

If your partner has a high/normal sperm count you should have sex every night during you fertile days, if his count is lower than normal you should have sex every other day to allow his sperm count to rise as high as it can.



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