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KK - November 8

Hi there, i was just wondering if i can ask my doc for clomid to help me concieve multiples?? I am getting ahead of myself as im struggling to concieve 1 without clomid. I havent ever tried clomid before as ive only been ttc 7 mths. We really would liek multiples but its jsut a thought :) Any advice appreciated x


KellyN - November 8

I've taken clomid for the past 4 months. The first time I had 7 follicles (eggs), and the rest of the times I had 5. I have yet to even get pg once. There is a really low risk of multiples using clomid, and for those of us who need it, there is still a low risk of getting pg in general.


SashaP - January 27

Clomed only increases your chance of multiples 5-10% Docs don't usually recommend clomed unless you absolutely need it


Dak - January 30

Clomid is taken when the dr is sure that you are not able to ovulate on your own. If you do clomid is not needed. I just want to agree with SashaP the chances of multiples are very low. Good luck


lilly2 - February 14

Hi girlls, I agree with you, clomid cant too much to help to conceieve multiples.I am on clomid round 3 and first month had only 2 mature follies on U/S.Last month havent check, but toomorow going for U/S again and will see if there is any.I am naturally ovulating, but doctor prescribed me 50mg clomid, becouse TTC since june and all tests are ok.This time if all ok we are going for IUI first time.My hopes are down and I am not expecting pregnancy even now.Would love to have 2 or 3 babies, but it my be too late for me.I have no children yet.I am so sad.Will let you know soon.Baby dust to all.


abby - March 7

i was trying for a baby since the day i got married and it didnt happen i waited too long and then after 3 years i went to see a gyno then she put me on clomid and my husband had the sperm analisis and said there was a 60% chance we were not able to have a baby i prayed to god to just bless us with one baby and after we were so sad and we were just not trying and oh my god it happened and i just had an appt at the docs and they found out i was preg i was so happy and thankfull to god and so i was trying to say is i really trust clomid and those of you who have tried and failed it will happen just have patience and here i am my baby girl is 2 and that was my bday wish for me to be a mommy and my daughter was born 2 days bfore my bday so please trust in god it will happen and here i am trying for a sec baby and again praying to the lord above to bless me with a boy and i think....i think ill be done then best of luck to all u girls out there and if you have any advice for me pleasee email me at [email protected] thanks in advance


sands - March 7

Hi Abby. Thanks for your story. I have been TTC for 8 months, but I am not ovulating. I am now on day 74, just waiting for the results of my u/s of my pelvic area. It is very frustrating that even though we try, I know that I haven't ovulated, so we just wait and wait. My husband will be checked later this week as well. It's s scary to wait for the results. It took me a while to realize that this will not happen as soon as I wanted it to. My doctor hasn't given me anything that I could take, Provera, Clomid, nothing. Right now I would be happy just to get AF, and then AF on a regular cycle. I try to be positive and stories like your always cheer me up!


slowpoke01 - May 25

i ovulate on my own and the dr is starting me on clomid next month because my progesterone level was 12 and they said that they would really like for it to be higher even though 12 was not bad because 10 and below is considered bad it wasnt great either i have heard that yams increase your chances of having multiples twins run in my family so with clomid there is even a higher chance that i will have a multiple birth if i get pregnant if you are 35 and over and been trying for 7 months i would suggest going to the dr and having tests run and they would probably put you on clomid anyways



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