Tilted Uterus
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Lani - August 10

My doctor told me that my uterus is tilted backwards an we have been trying to get preg. for over a year but can I do to help my chances of getting pregnant


D. - August 12

I dont' have one, but have two friends who do. Both say that a tilted uterus will not keep you from conceiving. I apologize if this is too forward, but they did suggest to have sex "doggy style" for deeper penetration and to either remain in that position for 20 minutes or to use the Instead Cups, to keep the semen inside of you, for at least 12 hours. Does your doctor think it's a problem? The one thing that you should keep in mind once you do conceive is that with a tilted uterus, you may not be able to see the baby as through a normal uterus. Many pregnancies have been proclaimed blighted ovums when really it was just that the woman has a tilted uterus (docs call it a "retroverted uterus"). Check out www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com for more info on that.


to D - August 14

Thanks for the info


LeAnn - August 24

Lani, I'm in the same boat. Have been trying since Jan. and had a miscarriage in Feb., two days after a +hpt. and have had no luck conceiving since. Let me know if you have any suggestions, and I'll do the same. Good luck!


lani - August 27

Only that instead of laying on or back you should lay on your belly with a pillow under you so the sperm we lay up there you can email at [email protected] if you have any questions or find anything else out good luck LeAnn



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