teen question again
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justin - May 2

is there anything a female can do from getting totally pregnant even if the male ejaculated in her already


k.c - May 7

the day after pill. go to planed parenthood ask for the pill


elaiza - June 20

i hope you are not too young as i am expecting..the next time you do it, don't forget to use condom.i won't suggest you to use pills of any forms because it might affect your health.


leonora - July 6

i didn't get the question right. is it just me? are you trying to get pregnant justin? sorry i can't help much since your question is not clear..


thisbe - July 24

if you don't want to get pregnant, why would you allow your partner to ejaculate inside you? hope this makes sense.


missie - August 31

you should have thought about this before you even started to have unprotected sex. if you'll get pregnant, well that's the way it is. if not, lucky for you!


mel - September 3

that usually happens if one is not responsible of what they're doing. teens nowadays.. my daughter had unplanned pregnancy when she was 17 years old
but lucky for her she had very supportive and responsible boyfriend to think they
were both young that time..



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