TCC but weird period lately
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wannababynotadog - September 20

My husband and I have been tcc for 4 months now. I went off bc in January, it is now Sept. I just got my period yesterday, this month too late to help. Question: lately I have been having about 1/2 to 1 full week of slight but dark brownish discharge with some blood, and then getting my "real period" for a couple of days after. The "real periods" are always 27/28 days between each other. How do I know which "period start date" to go by? the brownish discharge mixed with blood or the real deal? Also, has anyone else had this happen?? What could be causing it?


wannababynotadog - September 20

Suppose to be TTC not TCC.. I'm such a dork....


Meredith - September 23

Go by the 1st day of full menses, the red blood. The brownish discharge is really more like "spotting." I don't really know why it's doing that. Maybe your body is just trying to regulate itself? Have you seen an OB/GYN yet? Good luck! Lots of Baby Dust!


Tc - September 25

Your progesterone may be dropping too early. I would check with a dr about that much spotting before your period.



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