sperm inside me
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baby gal - May 18

i didnt know if he had gone inside me. his sperm is around my pussy. will i ahve a chance to get pregnant?


april*+* - May 25

mabey the reason no one is answering is because you choose your words wrong try vagina next time!!


Amy - June 3

I think it is a little harsh to call he a slut, but they are right! Next time you might want to use some more appropriate language. And to your question..If he does release inside you then there is always a chance of getting pregnant.


Heather - June 8

‘baby gal’ you are very rude and I don’t appreciate your language. I think that you are on the wrong forum, and I suggest you watch your mouth if you expect to get any help from us on this site…disgusting!!


Austin - June 17

Baby gal, you can get pregnant that way. If you are trying to get pregnant,it would be preferable to have him ejaculate/ "go" inside of you. if you are trying to NOT get pregnant use condoms/abstain,etc. Be safe!!


lisy - November 5

"Gone inside me", do you mean "ejaculated"? "His sperm is around my pussy"? This isn't a penthouse forum.
Maybe say next time, "his semen was on my vulva".
It's pretty hard to answer to questions that are not grammatically correct.



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