sore breasts while trying to get pergnant
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Liz - July 25

I went off the pill in December and still not having regular periods. They have ranged from anywhere from 35-72 days. My last period was July 1st, but right now my breasts are so sore and have been for 3-4 days. I would like to think I may be pregnant but this has happened once before so I hate to get my hopes up again. I have had breast tenderness other months right before getting my period but I don't expect my period for another 2 weeks at least with the way my period has been so irregular. I plan to take a test once I miss my period but I just wondered if anyone has had this happen. Thanks


Takessa - July 27

Hi, I have have had breast tenderness right before my period and a little after. I would say if they are still tender look to see if they have gotten bigger, if so then chances are you may be pregnant. If they are just tender it just may be that your period is near. I wish you lots of luck though!



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