Should I be mad!!!???!!
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Amy T - June 15

Here is my story...
My husband and I have been ttc since 3/04. I have had 2 m/c and have been tested up and down the block. (hubby too and he is fine) My docter just keeps saying come back in a few months. It has now been 17 months and she still feels I should not go on to the next step. I have perfect blood work, perfect hsg, perfect everything. I am getting very angy that she is not taking this seriously and thinks I will get pregnant on my own. I purchased clomid online and I am ready to take it next cycle because I am SICK of being told, just give it 3 more months. I am 31, I do not want to wait. At this point if I see a new doctor it will still put me behind another month. What do you think


Alissa - June 16

I think you have every right to do what you are doing and I would pass on the doc..she is being careless! I have been trying for #2 for 6 months and I have done everything on my own...I am now looking into Ovulex or something in that area? Good luck to you and you are incharge of your body!


K - June 17

I understand your frustration and would request that your current Dr refer you to a fertility specialist, along with all of your lab work/results. I was on clomid and do know that there are some precautions that must be taken. My Dr made me come in monthly for pelvic examinations because it can cause ovarian enlargment/cysts, so you need monitoring. I would hate for you to have a problem taking a medication your Dr has not prescribed for you. It could be dangerous. Good luck.


merlee - June 18

Amy, I didn't know that you could get clomid online without a prescription. But more power to you for doing something while doc waits. You may want to check out a web site I found My docs don't listen to me either so I have been taking herbs and it has helped but still not pregnant. Good luck to you and be careful with Clomid.


ChristinaS - June 18

I have gone through the same thing. I finally had it and asked to see a fertility specialist. I told my new doctor everything i've done and instead of repeating he went on to the next steps. I felt so relieved and i got pregnant the next cycle! I think i just needed to relex and get help, that i wasn't getting before. The said news is that I lost the baby but it gives me hope after trying for 3 years. keep your head up and ask for a specialist.


merlee - June 18

ChristinaS, so sorry to hear about your m/c but it does kinda give you hope to know that you can get preg. We've been ttc for 2 1/2 yrs. w/o even a glimmer of a BFP. Baby DUst to us all.


Lena - June 18

Is your doctor an RE? If she isn't, than she may not have the training, education, and experience to help you. Maybe she does want to help but is to afraid to admit that she can't. Please keep in mind that an OB/Gyn is not an RE. RE's specialize in infertility and conception.

I'd also like to express that you consider not taking the clomid without a doctor's supervision. Clomid can cause ovarian torque or ruptured cysts. Either of these could be fatal. Clomid should only be taken after an U/S has determined that there is no presence of inflamation or cysts on your ovary. My doctor u/s me every cycle. I missed an u/s appt on one cycle and my doctor refused to prescribe clomid that cycle. Its that serious!


Amy - June 20

Thank you for the advice ladys. I have called an RE that told me that my doctor is wrong (in a nice way). My doctor is only an obgyn. I will probally be making an appointment with him this week. I am aware of the monitoring that should go on with clomid but then I talk to people whos doctors are like, here is 3 months, see you when your pregnant.



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