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tay - October 4

Hi, could someone please tell me the exact active ingred. in the Robitussin cough mixture they are taking for thinning cm? I am in Australia and we have different brand names over here but I will know which one from the active ingrediant. Thankyou


KellyN - October 4

I don't know what the active ingredient is, but I've been told that you should get the decongestant kind, not the cough suppressant. The theory is that in the same way it 'loosens' up the mucus in your nose and lungs it will also loosen up the cm. Anyone else know more??


tay - October 5

Thanks for your help Kelly.I have Benadryl at the moment and that has Guaiphenesin and Bromhexine hcl in it. I thought that guaiphenesin,if it is a decongestant, would dry up mucous which is not what I want ( I dont think?). The bromhexine helps thin mucous so Im wondering if I should be just taking that ingrediant ( we have a product over here which is called bisolvin and that is straight bromhexine. Im really not sure, I wonder if anyone else can help us out?


Toni - October 6

I searched on the internet and it said the guapphensin is the one you want.
this web site. Hope it helps! The one they said to use is an expectorant.


tay - October 6

Hi Toni, thanks also for your help.I tried to get onto this website with no luck at all but if you read that thats the one I need then I will take yours and Kelly's word for it and start with that.Thanks again


Libby - October 6

Hi Tay,I have tried the cough syrup my doc said start on cycle dy 8-17 take 2tsps 3 x's a day I take Equate
(wal-mart) brand Tussin the active ingredient is Guaifenesin make sure that is the active ingredient because if not the others will actually dry up your cm instead of thinning it for better sperm enviroment!Good Luck Baby dust 2u !


tay - October 7

Thankyou Libby, Baby Dust to you too! I will grab some guaiphenisan cough syrup tomorrow, I tell ya , the things we do!


KellyN - October 11

I think I'm going to try Guaiphenesin this month too. I'm on clomid and it dries me up pretty good. Hopefully this will help.


Deb - October 13

Just make sure that Guaifenesin is the only active ingredient. You don't want anything that has DM beside it. KellyN--if you want more CM, evening primrose oil is supposed to help with that. Robitussin will not increase your cm, it will only thin out the cm you have already. You should be able to find info on evening primrose oil on the web but I don't know about taking it with clomid. You may want to talk to your doctor about it.


Maria - October 14

Hi there.
I started Robitussin PE (expectorant/nasal decongestant).The active ingredients are Guaifenesin which is expectorant and Pseudoephedrine which is nasal decongestant.I looked at Robitussin, Robitussin DM and Robitussin CF and they al have other active ingredient in addition to the Guaifenesin.Is the Robitussin PE which I am taking now the right one and if not which one I have to take?Any info would be appreciated!A LOT OF BABY DUST TO YOU ALL.......


Deb - October 14

I think just the plain robitussin with only guaifenesin in it is the right one. The reason is that some of the other ingredients can be harmful to the fetus. I don't know anything about Pseudoephedrine, but I think that if you stop taking it after "o" you should be okay.


Ashley - March 6

Could you use Robitussin and progestrone cream ?


hrush79 - December 29

I have been seeing a fertility specialist without success. I even tried clomid. I fear my problem is the cervical mucus. We do not want to do artificial insemenation just yet. I tried Robitussin and evening primrose oil. I found out on the 22nd of December I was pregnant but miscarried on Christmas day. The evening primrose oil and robitussin did work for me.....Good luck everyone.


hrush79 - December 29

Guaifenesin alone. Nothing else. Plain guaifenesin.


townbridge - August 14

Hi I know that this is a old forum but this may help someone... after about 25 years of trying to get pregnant ... last year it just happen.. i knew i had to be doing somthing different .. my husband and i were standing in a walmart checking out and i looked up and saw benydryl.... right then i knew ... the month i got pregnant i had taken a dose everynight to sleep better...i told a friend that had been trying to get preg for a year and she tried and the first month she got pregnant..... in my third month i found out that the egg never developed.... i was very disapointed but at least i knew that i could get pregnant now...i told my dr about the benadryl but he said no for me to take robitussin.. so for two months i took the Rob... but there was nothing.. then on the third i took the benadryl .... about a week and a half later i was sitting in the floor getting the taxes together and i started the light cramping that i did the first time i got pregnant ... i knew that it was to early for my period so I think i knew then i was pregnant and was confirmed with a first response preg test in a couple weeks... this pregnancy went a little longer.. this time we got a great heart beat and everything looked good but by 4and half months i started bleeding ...and no more heart beat.... my dr did a chromozonal analazie ( pardon spelling) and we found out that the baby was a boy and he had downs.... now i dont know if we should try again... am i to old ... are my eggs bad since both issues were chromazonal? I told all of this to let you know the benadryl works!!!! now i know i can get pregnant with the help of the BEN.. just not sure if i should or not... i took it everynight form about the 7 day of my cycle tilll about the 15th. one dose b4 bed... and to let you know my friend that got preg using it is havein a healthy girl in about 3 weeks... good luck to all....jen


LeannaR - September 14
This website has some info on Robitussin for everyone.


tooth fairy - September 27

how long should you take robitussin after finishing clomid?



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